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Don’t just save the date, Save the Year of 2021

From its humble start at Smithton through its founding as Columbia and the decades of packed history since, our city has nearly reached its 200th birthday!

Columbia was founded in 1821, and Columbia’s “CoMo200” task force needs your help for big bicentennial plans for 2021.
CoMo 200 projects will include an expansion of Flat Branch park, the creation of a Gateway Plaza for the downtown district, an innovative oral history series, citywide school-based history and art projects, public art installations, and much, much more.

A resolution forming the Mayor’s Task Force on Bicentennial Celebration was passed by the Columbia City Council on December 4, 2017.  The purposes of the Task Force include:

  • Planning citywide events to be held in 2018 and 2021 that are historical, educational and honor Columbia’s rich history, to celebrate and commemorate the 100th and 200th anniversaries of the City of Columbia and the village of Smithton. 
  • Overseeing an extension of Flat Branch Park and the installation of a Gateway Plaza at the corner of Broadway and Providence.
  • Coordinating, budgeting, organizing sponsorship, and marketing events that celebrate the 100th and 200th anniversaries of the City of Columbia, the village of Smithton.
  • Engaging the community in planning for the celebration and events.

During the Task Force’s first year of operation the Task Force branded itself as the CoMo200 Bicentennial Task Force and began fulfillment of its purposes with a public event and commemorative plaque celebrating the founding of the Village of Smithton (1818). Attention then turned to planning the citywide events and an extension of Flat Branch Park, now called Gateway Plaza at Flat Branch Park. The park extension will be on the west bank of Flat Branch Creek, at the southeast corner of Providence Road and Broadway.

In order to support its purpose of planning for the bicentennial of Columbia’s beginnings, the City seeded its efforts with $50,000, and the CoMo200 Bicentennial Task Force set about its work by identifying six working groups chaired by its members: history, events, park development, education, community outreach, and fundraising.

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If you have questions about CoMo200 projects or to learn how you can join the effort, email us at info@como200.comcreate new email