Columbia Mayor Brian Treece announces formation of Mayor’s Task Force on Bicentennial Celebration Planning

City of Columbia Mayor Brian Treece announced the formation of the Mayor’s Task Force on Bicentennial Celebration Planning at a press conference on Thursday, Feb. 8.

The Task Force will focus on planning citywide events that are historical, educational and honor Columbia’s rich history. The events from 2018 through 2021 will celebrate and commemorate the 200th anniversaries of the village of Smithton and the City of Columbia.

Treece announced the following members of the Task Force:

Brent Gardner, chair

Pat Fowler, Historic Preservation Commission

Nate Brown, Reynolds Journalism Institute

Dr. Eryca Neville, Columbia Public Schools

Dr. Anne Deaton, University of Missouri

Chris Campbell, Boone County History & Culture Center

Tom Mendenhall, Downtown Community Improvement District

Deb Sheals, Downtown Community Improvement District

Ann Rogers

Amy Schneider, City of Columbia staff liaison

“This Task Force gives us a rare opportunity to look at the last 200 years and create celebrations to give Columbia the recognition it deserves.  These celebrations will be community-based and will honor Columbia’s unique, diverse history,” Treece said.

The village of Smithton was established in 1818 less than one mile from current downtown Columbia. The settlers moved to what is now downtown Columbia in 1821 and renamed their new settlement.

“Our community has grown significantly since our founding on the banks of Flat Branch Creek,” Treece said.  “The bicentennial gives our community the opportunity to come together and preserve our shared history for future generations.”

There will be future announcements about celebrating our community’s history.